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When we talk about the decoration of our house, there are many factors like wall colours, doors and windows, furniture in the home, artwork and of course anchor Rugs under furniture feet that play a crucial role in it. Rugs or carpets are the most critical items, and they decide the overall look of the floor. They also provide us relief from the cold floor during winters and saves from dust and other infections. Hence, it becomes very critical for us to choose the best quality rugs that match our home color and pattern.

We at CarpetLive provide you with all your carpet requirements at the best prices. We offer you all sorts of rugs like modern, classic, kilim, etc., and in case you do not find the required product as per your need, we will customize them. So, you can buy the best rugs online from us.

You need to tell us your specifications like size, color, and type you wish, and we will design the best quality rugs for you.

The main thing that troubles buyers the most is the high price of the carpets, and the main reason for this high price is the number of mediators between seller and buyer.

CarpetLive provides you all these products at the lowest prices as we do not have any mediator. The items are delivered to you directly from the seller. We do not compromise with the quality, which makes our products durable and provide you satisfaction. If the product delivered to you is not satisfactory, you can return it within seven days without any question.

Please don’t wait and give us a chance to serve you by placing your first order at We will ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience with us and buy the best rugs online.