Modish Rugs
Modish Rugs Modish Rugs Modish Rugs Modish Rugs

Modish Rugs

Wool & Bamboo Silk
Hand Knotted
Knot Density:
Approx 122470.000 Knt/m²
10 mm
Delivery Time:
3-5 Working days
1- using Tibetan Knot
Retail Price 150563 112922

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New Zealand blend wool and bamboo silk diligently handcrafted together to create what is Modish carpets. These carpets are your best option if you desire to add elegance to your floors. Modish carpets are available various color combinations and designs to choose from. These tones and shades are available from darker to semi darker shades and contrasting brighter ones as well.
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Modish Rugs
Carpet ID 8289/15 Design ID Lawa Crack
Design Name Modish Rugs Also known as
Brand Carpetlive Manufacturing Hand Knotted
Origin India Pattern Modern
Modish Rugs
Carpet ID 8289/15
Design Name Modish Rugs
Manufacturing Hand Knotted
Design ID Lawa Crack
Brand Carpetlive
Pattern Modern
Origin India


1- using Tibetan Knot