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Woven Rugs

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Do you have a love for art and designs that speak of modernity and are abstract in appeal? This Lucca carpet is a perfect symbol for modern and urban design. The color combinations used in this carpet add to its charm. The carpet is soft and fine on touch. Yet, there is a tough and rugged feel associated with it. This is what makes Lucca carpet unique and perfect for your floor! Moreover, the carpet is finely crafted and handwoven by skilled artisans in India, the land known for its weaving. Purchase this stunning carpet made of 100% polypropylene and enhance your interiors.
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Woven Rugs
Carpet ID 20/M1 Design ID 29752
Design Name Also known as
Brand Manufacturing
Origin Pattern
Woven Rugs
Carpet ID 20/M1
Design Name
Width (cm) N/A
Length (cm) N/A
Rug Area (m²) 0
Design ID 29752
Also known as