Ziegler Rugs
Ziegler Rugs Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler Rugs

Hand Knotted
Knot Density:
Approx. 290,000 Knt / m²
6 mm
Delivery Time:
3-5 Working days
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The name Ziegler Rug comes from the Anglo-Swiss Company Ziegler & Co. who specializes in the production of these classic Persian rugs which became a hot commodity in the markets. Ziegler rugs are also known as Peshawar Rugs or Chobi Rugs and are a variety of Classic Rugs. The carpets are bleached in the sun and rubbed with stones to slightly wipe the pile giving them an antique look. The name Ziegler carpet is not based on any city or tribe but is derived from a particular design pattern and weaving style. Originally, Ziegler Rugs were produced in Arak city of Iran, but Ziegler & Co. designed and weaved these carpets with the western market in mind to complement any home setting. They created the design using softer colour palettes than those typically found in Iran. Now weavers are making these rugs in many parts of the world these days and CarpetLive in India is one. Our weaver's hand knot the Ziegler rugs in an old tradition combining oriental elements with modern style allowing us to create the perfect rug for your home. We use high-quality wool with a cotton base to weave them and sometimes silk to give them an extravagant look. The use of wool imparts smooth finish and long life. The Ziegler carpet is coloured using natural dyes made from plants and vegetables and most of these carpets have soft shades paired with a darker background to compliment finely weaved designs. Ziegler rugs oomph up the aesthetics of your home as well as office and add to the beauty of your furniture and walls. So, if you are looking to buy a unique antique-style piece for your home, browse CarpetLive Ziegler collection and buy the best Ziegler carpet online.
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Ziegler Rugs
Carpet ID 922/12 Design ID ZE-922
Design Name Ziegler Rugs Also known as Classic Rugs
Brand Carpetlive Manufacturing Hand Knotted
Origin India Pattern Flower
Ziegler Rugs
Carpet ID 922/12
Design Name Ziegler Rugs
Manufacturing Hand Knotted
Design ID ZE-922
Also known as Classic Rugs
Brand Carpetlive
Pattern Flower
Origin India