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About Us

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CarpetLive is an India based company and a renowned name in countries like the USA, Germany and other European countries. We have the exotic collections of Modern Persian, Jute, Durries  Ziegler,  Contemporary and many more varieties of rugs that you don’t get in the Indian stores.

All our designs and concepts are designed by German, Italian and Persian designers that add a classy flavour in your massy home. CarpetLive rugs and carpets are recognised primarily for the quality and impressive designs that no one can resist. We have achieved a milestone in this platform of craft and creativity at the global level.

Know how we brought up to India...

The elegance in the designs, the softness in the colours and the natural feeling of the rugs was never available in the Indian market. Many Indian consumers and even the Indian celebrities somehow reached us and demanded those export quality carpets but being the export-oriented unit, we were not selling it to the Indian market. After realising the huge demand in the Indian market, we have decided to cater to the European and American rugs demand in India at

What makes our carpet and rugs popular in the market?

CarpetLive is the fourth generation manufacturer and exporter of supreme quality carpet in the global market. Our collection ranges from Modern Persian, Jute, Durries Ziegler, Contemporary and more that every customer admires. We use the most exceptional quality raw materials that never disappoint you. It even gives an elegant finish and lovely texture to the carpets.

Our team ensures that the manufacturing is done in a safe environment plus abides by international safety and quality standards. Being a trustworthy plus leading name, we always remain in the forefront due to our gratifying customer service. Our customer support team is always ready to listen to your queries and figure out the right solution for you. Also, the global customers served in the same and efficient way that never let any queries unresolved, irrespective of their locations.

Our USPs that creates a difference

High quality

Our every collection possesses high quality and developed with the best crafting techniques.

Natural materials

“Health is Wealth”, we use the finest and natural materials to create carpets that give you a lovely feel.

Timeless Designs

Our designers design the carpets that transcend the seasons and trends prevailing in the market.

Our Philosophy

  • Uphold ethical production standards.
  • Design carpets with the highest concepts and standards.
  • Strive always to learn new trends and crafts.
  • Value diverse crafting techniques.
  • Offer products that make sense in the economic, environmental and social way.
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