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Wool and wool production

Every country has its production line of wool, especially for carpets. However, if one is looking for really premium quality wool for their carpets, countries such as Australia and New Zealand are the best for high-grade material.
The quality of the carpet is highly dependent on the quality of wool. Multiple factors play a role when it is about the quality of wool. The way in which the sheep lives and climate conditions are the major factors. One can expect a durable and good quality carpet if the sheep experiences fairly extended periods of dryness or strong differences in temperature.
When one starts to extract the wool from the body of sheep, make sure that the pre-washing is done properly. All the impurities from their fleece such as dust, sweat, and sand must be removed. This is done by driving the animals through a brook. Once shearing is done, the wool is passed through water to complete the cleaning process. The sorting of the wool is done on the basis of the refinement of the fiber and the length of the hair. Once the entire process is completed, the wool would be almost half its weight. This is due to losing the welding fat along with the gluing surface.
Suitable wool is decided upon as per the type of carpet in consideration. For example, for rural carpets, stronger hair is required. Hence, generally, for knotting the carpet pile, hair of the lam’s back are used. The reason for this being the fibres, in this case, are bristly and firm. They have a shine to them are to some extent, dirt-deflecting too. On the other hand, to design high-quality carpets, finer fibers are chosen by the carpet weavers. These fine fibers are having softer hair found beneath the lamb. These types of fibers are known as ‘cork wool.’

    • Weaving material

When one talks about the carpet material, both the details need to be looked into- the material that was utilized for the warp and weft that is the structure as well as the pile. Have a look at the table below to get an idea about the various materials that are utilized for specific designs.

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