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Cotton Dhurrie Rug Reversible Carpet

Cotton Dhurrie Rug Reversible Carpet

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The plush and modern pet yarn dhurrie rug collection draws inspiration from modern outdoor indoor rugs and translates them into modern day sensibilities. This rug features a charming ogee motif that offers curvaceous visual intrigue. This rug?s versatile neutral palette will blend seamlessly with existing decor. Expertly power-loomed and constructed of enhanced nylon this rug is virtually non-shedding for convenient upkeep. A textured delight, this rug features a traditional look and anti slip that creates an incredibly plush feeling underfoot. Add just the right amount of flair to your living space to create a decadently cozy atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Additional information

Rugs Color

Rugs Size

, , ,


Anti Skid










Handwoven Durry

Rugs Space

, , , , , , ,

Master Rug Size

2X5 Feet, 3X5 Feet, 4X6 Feet, 5X7 Feet

Rug Size

2X5 Feet, 3X5 Feet, 4X6 Feet, 5X7 Feet

1 review for Cotton Dhurrie Rug Reversible Carpet

  1. Ritesg

    While decorating our new flat, I was searching for cotton rugs to make my apartment look gorgeous. After executing a lot of searches, finally, I got to know about the company Carpet Live. Immediately after seeing some cotton rugs on their site, I decided to purchase cotton rugs for my flat.
    The cotton rugs I bought indeed made my bedroom and drawing room look as per my demands. The carpets they delivered were made with high-quality cotton and nylon to ensure beauty and effectiveness. The one thing about the carpets I liked the most is their beautiful body and unique designs. The cost they charged for the rugs is similar to the general carpet price in India.
    So if you also are in search of good-quality rugs at a reasonable price, select Carpet Live.

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Product Specifications

Weaving:Handwoven Durry
Backing:Anti Skid
Rugs Space:Bedroom, Dining & Drawing Room, Entrance, Kids Room, Kitchen, Outdoor, Prayers Room, Terrace
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