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How To Clean A Rug? Know Everything About It

Are you struggling in providing complete care to your rugs? If yes, then this blog belongs to you. Here, you will learn how to clean a carpet yourself, plus bring all your floor coverings back to life whenever you prefer.

Area rugs may bring a place together but also take a beating, from your foot traffic to pets as well as spills. After a while, vacuuming isn’t enough to get it completely clean—and that’s when knowing how to do it yourself comes in super handy.

Having an area rug is all like enhancing your home decor, but it also needs care that only a few can do adequately. You can follow various ways to keep your area rug tip-top and that too without hiring any professional rug cleaner.

Listed below are the top ways of keeping your area rugs clean. So let’s dive in:

1. Gather Your Tools & Supplies
Here’s precisely what you’ll require to for cleaning your rug:

Rug shampoo (or mild dish soap)
Soft-bristle brush or sponge
Garden hose
Rubber gloves
Wet-dry vacuum

2. Remove Dirt and Debris
Do proper vacuum on the rug on both sides. You have to make sure every last bit of debris is removed. And, if you have a pet, use the brush to get any lingering stray hairs stuck in it.

3.Mix Your Cleaner
For the actual cleaning solution, use a rug shampoo. Whatever shampoo you choose, do follow its specific directions (mentioned on the bottle) for mixing.

Also, you can use a mild dish detergent mixed in a bucket with lukewarm water. Don’t use hot water, as it can cause fading or shrinking.

4.Do a Colour Test
Before you start rubbing it, make sure the cleaner doesn’t fade its colors. Do test the solution on the rug’s corner to ensure that it’s colorfast. If its paint doesn’t flow, you can proceed to the next step.

5.Wash the rug
Using a soft-bristle brush or brush, put the cleaning solution into a lather on the carpet. Let the cleaner stays on the rug for atleast five minutes before you start cleaning. Give these minutes to set in and start keeping out the dirt.

6.Rinse the rug
Wash the soap out of the carpet with clean water. Ensure all the cleaning solution get wholly removed from the area rug, and the runoff water is clean.

7. Remove Excess Water
Here, you have to get rid of as much excess water in the rug as you can to get it dry faster. For this, you can use a wet-dry vacuum or use a squeegee in the nap direction.

8.Let the Rug Dry
The next for cleaning your area rug is merely letting it dry. Place the rug flat and allow its top to dry completely. Then, flip it over to dry the bottom side. For this, you can use put it in the sunlight or keep it in the fan room to speed up the process. Once it gets dried thoroughly, you can place it back in your space again. But make sure it’s dried fully; otherwise, it will absorb all the dirt of your room and your feet.

9.Vacuum or Brush Out the Rug
During the cleaning process, the rug’s threads and fibers can get compacted and squashed. Restore them with a vacuum or brush with a soft-bristled brush and you are done with your rug cleaning.

So, that’s how you can clean your rugs at your home without any professional assitance. Isn’t it simple? If Yes, then start doing it today or if have any doubts, let me know it in the comment section.

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