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Author: CarpetLive Admin

How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Carpet/Rug?

Nowadays countless people own pets and they like to style up their pets' places with amazing rugs or carpets. But choosing the wrong and bad quality of rug or carpet will have stains and uncomfortable odor on them spoiling the mood of the pet owners.

What makes Jute Rugs Best For Home?

Natural products are always loved among us all. Do you know you can bring nature’s goodness home? Any idea how is it possible? Simple just get jute rugs online and add the forestry brown look to your place. Yes, jute rugs are made of natural

Round Rugs: 5 Things to focus before buying a Round Rug

Round rugs have become quite essential in modern times for home interior decor. However, most people don’t manage to attain the utmost accomplishment with their round rugs. Primarily, what they do wrong is while buying itself. In this context, focusing upon below 5 crucial points