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How to care of Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are beautiful and eco-friendly, but they require some special care to keep them looking their best. Here are some general care instructions for jute rugs: Vacuum regularly: Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or brush to remove dirt and dust from

Why Buy Rugs For Your House?

A Rug can easily change any room. Besides the fact that a mat change can the look and state of mind of a room. It can likewise have a scope of down-to-earth benefits. From warming your home to reducing the hassle of cleaning. These days,

Which Carpet Is Right For Your Home?

Few items have the decorative ability to unify a space like a carpet mat or a rug. A carpet or a rug can add an unmatched element of interest and intrigue to your house. It serves as the design inspiration for the room and gives

Why Should You Shop Jute Rugs?

Thinking of home renovation? Looking for something boho or rustic theme? If yes, jute rug is the choice. It’s a hot trend in the interior designing community. People love to have jute rugs at their place because of its natural and comfy touch. Keep reading

How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Carpet/Rug?

Nowadays countless people own pets and they like to style up their pets' places with amazing rugs or carpets. But choosing the wrong and bad quality of rug or carpet will have stains and uncomfortable odor on them spoiling the mood of the pet owners.
Kilim Rugs Natural Multi Color

The Complete Guide To Shop Rugs Online

“Do you get confused while shopping for rugs? No worries, I have a guide for you”. Rugs are the ultimate home decors these days. Don’t you think so? People across the world love to have it at their place due to its astounding plus practical

Round Rugs: 5 Things to focus before buying a Round Rug

Round rugs have become quite essential in modern times for home interior decor. However, most people don’t manage to attain the utmost accomplishment with their round rugs. Primarily, what they do wrong is while buying itself. In this context, focusing upon below 5 crucial points

What makes Jute Rugs Best For Home?

Natural products are always loved among us all. Do you know you can bring nature’s goodness home? Any idea how is it possible? Simple just get jute rugs online and add the forestry brown look to your place. Yes, jute rugs are made of natural

How To Clean A Rug? Know Everything About It

Are you struggling in providing complete care to your rugs? If yes, then this blog belongs to you. Here, you will learn how to clean a carpet yourself, plus bring all your floor coverings back to life whenever you prefer. Area rugs may bring a

Importance of Carpets in Your House

We all know that there is numerous floor covering options available on the market. But it can be hard to decide which floor covering to choose. Many people prefer carpets while some like wooden flooring. Every kind of floor covering has its benefits and drawbacks.

How Shopping With CarpetLive Benefits Customers?

The demand for rugs has a steady rise in a couple of years. Many new rug-selling businesses have sprouted to cater to the rising demand of customers. And that’s what made the four-generation rugs unit CarpetLive have ventured into an online store to provide customers

Why Rugs Are Important For Home?

Rugs have become a common addiction of hard surface floors like hardwood, tile or laminate. It effortlessly transforms the room and changes its look plus mood. Also, it provides a range of practical benefits – from providing warmth to your room or reducing noise. Nowadays,

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Classical rug online

When you buy a classical or Kilim/ Flatweave rug online, you have the given advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of buying carpets online Less expensive– When you buy modern Kilim/ Flatweave carpet online you have to spend less money in comparison to offline purchase, the reasoning being no mediator

7 things to consider while buying traditional rugs online

Decoration of a place is not complete without decorating the floors, and people use different kinds of carpets for decorating them, including Modern, Classic and Kilim/ Flatweave. The factors given below affect the choice of these carpets. Your sense of style– Whenever you are buying

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