1. Advantages and disadvantages of buying Classical rug online

    When you buy a classical or Kilim/ Flatweave rug online, you have the given advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of buying carpets online

    1. Less expensive- When you buy modern Kilim/ Flatweave carpet online you have to spend less money in comparison to offline purchase, the reasoning being no mediator and no need to pay the extra cost of stores and selling staff. 
    2. Comparison facility- Another advantage when you buy classical carpet online is that you can compare different aspects of the product like price, quality and delivery time of different sellers.
    3. Best options in your budget- The online stores provide the facility to filter rugs based on your budget and provide you with the best available options, so you don't need to search through all the items. 
    4. Customization- Customization of carpets as per your requirement is the best facility provided by the online stores. Suppose you want to buy a classical rug online and find the carpet of your choice, but the size or colour is not as per your need, you can ask for the customization. 
    5. Home delivery- All the firms that sell Kilim/ Flatweave rug online provide home delivery which keeps you free from transport tensions.
    6. Saves time and efforts- you can search and buy classical carpet online for all your needs from your home, which saves time and efforts which can be used for other important works. 
    7. Online Tracking- With the online tracking facility of these online rug stores, you can quickly check the status of the delivery and plan your stay at the delivery place accordingly.

    Disadvantages of buying carpets online

    1. Lack of touch and feel- When you buy carpets online, you cannot touch and feel the quality and softness of the material used in it, resulting in buying the wrong product. 
    2. Misleading electronic images- Sometimes the electronic images of rugs do not show the exact colour and pattern on the carpet and they turn out to be completely different from those shown in the pictures causing a significant issue.

    Although there are some issues when you buy modern Kilim/ Flatweave carpet online, but they are infrequent and buying a rug online is always a better option. If you are still unsatisfied, you have the facility to return the product easily.

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  2. 7 things to consider while buying traditional rugs online

    Decoration of a place is not complete without decorating the floors, and people use different kinds of carpets for decorating them, including Modern, Classic and Kilim/ Flatweave. The factors given below affect the choice of these carpets.

    1. Your sense of style- Whenever you are buying a carpet, think about your taste and select the rug accordingly because you will be living at the place where they are installed. So if you like traditional things, buy traditional rugs online and give a traditional look to your room. 
    2. Traffic- The rug selection depends on the area where you will use it because a rug meant for the low traffic area will not work efficiently in a high traffic area like entrance or hall. So whenever you are buying designer rugs for office online keep this point in mind. 
    3. Shape and size- The perfect shape and size of the carpet are eye-catching and give depth to space. Placing a square rug below a round dining table will spoil the complete look of the floor, and the same condition arises in case of oversize or undersize carpet. 
    4. Cleaning and Care- Always prefer to buy those rugs which are easy to clean and care; otherwise, you will find yourself in trouble. Suppose you buy designer rugs for the living room which are very comfortable, but you cannot clean them at home and need a professional cleaner. Is it possible for you to take it to the cleaner every month? Certainly not so take care of it. 
    5. Pattern and texture- The pattern and texture of the carpets must complement the room texture and furniture; otherwise, everything will be messed up. For example- You cannot get modern silk rugs online for a room having a traditional look. 
    6. Match with room décor- The colour combination of the rug should harmonize with that of wall colours, curtains and other decorative items in the room for a zen-style look.
    7. Your future plans- Your carpet selection also depends on your plans. If you are planning to shift to a new house shortly, do not waste a large amount of money on buying designer rugs for living room online because you cannot be sure that the same can be used in the new house also. 

    Keep all the above points in mind for the best buying experience. 

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